Day: October 2, 2018


The World’s Fastest Phone Charger

One of the key drawbacks of the mobile age is how little progress has been made in battery technology. While the SuperVOOC charger won’t solve everything, it will reduce charge times dramatically. In this video, TechAltar compares SuperVOOC (OPPO Find X) to Qualcomm Quick Charge (LG G7 ThinQ), Huawei Supercharge (Huawei P20 Pro), Samsung Adaptive […]

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AI Data Visualization PowerBI

Fusing AI and Data Visualization in Power BI

In this session from Ignite 2018, the Microsoft Mechanics explore the fusing of AI into Power BI and what that means for the future of data visualization.  

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AI TensorFlow

Changes in TensorFlow 2.0

Aurélien Géron has provided a brief overview of what’s coming in TensorFlow 2.0 such as eager execution by default, simple tools for graph mode, more object-oriented design (e.g., Keras), big cleanup, and more!

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