Day: September 21, 2018

Gaming Interesting

Portal Combat

Here’s another science-fiction short film that’s slightly more upbeat than the last one. It’s also a callback to a really creative video game franchise.

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AI Drones

Palm Sized Flying Killer Robots

This video about miniature autonomous killer drones is science-fiction (for now at least). Truly terrifying.

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Hardware Interesting

Have You Ever Heard of a LED Printer?

No, this is a not a device that prints LEDs, this is a type of printer technology that never caught on.  

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Azure Big Data IoT

Using Azure Data Lake to Analyze IoT Data

Here are some interesting concepts about data in IoT applications. Kevin Saye shares with us on the IoT Show: all data has value, data needs to be preserved in its raw form for later usage and you want to store this data in a cost effective manner. Curious about these statements? Watch this very interesting […]

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Inspiration Python

Python Guru Messes with Craigslist Scammer

We all know that engineers don’t think like normal people: it’s what makes us unique. Watch this video to see how “Engineer Man” responds to a Craigslist scammer and learn a Python trick or two. Now, I want him to show me how to deal with robocalls.

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AI Blockchain Neural Networks TensorFlow

Predicting Cryptocurrency Values with an RNN

The technology in this video is not only relevant and cutting edge, but it reads like a who’s who and what’s what of the hottest buzzwords around today: Cryptocurrenncy, Python, TensorFlow, Keras. In all all seriousness, this is a really good demo and exploration of said technologies.

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Design Developer

What’s New in ASP.NET Core?

Let’s be clear: I love AI and Data Science, but it’s still good to focus on basics like web development. This video on Channel9 takes a deep dive into what’s new in ASP.NET Core! In this session, we’ll take a look at the new features in the latest ASP.NET Core preview, including improved support for […]

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AI Computer Vision Data Driven

Computer Vision Session from AI Discovery Day

Yesterday, I was in Philadelphia presenting a session at AI Discovery Day on Computer Vision Cognitive Services. The labs for this session are on GitHub: These events will be taking place across the US. Here are a few dates and links to registration. Burlington, MA on Sep 28 Malvern, PA on Oct 17 Press the […]

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