Day: September 18, 2018


Boy Scout Tried To Build a Nuclear Reactor in His Backyard

While pundits decry the lack of interest in STEM fields, there are a few kids out there who really like to push the envelope. Take, for example, the story of David Hahn. The story reads like a sci-fi coming of age comedy, but it’s true. The saddest part of the story, however, is how David […]

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AI Neural Networks

Using GTA V to Train a Self-Driving Car AI

At the recent Azure AI Fest, I had mentioned the work being done to train self-driving car AIs using video games like Grand Theft Auto V. And, yes, Virginia, a kid on his own PC at home can compete with a multi-million dollar company at the same task. For reference, see Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple. […]

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AI CivicTech Interesting

A Closer Look at Border Technology

BBC Click takes a closer look at the technology behind customs and border control and how this is suddenly an issue at British ports again.

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AI Machine Learning Neural Networks

Siraj Raval’s Kaggle Challenge Live

In this live stream, Siraj Raval attempes to beat a Kaggle Challenge — the $100,000 “TGS Salt Identification Challenge” using a combination of Google Colab, Conditional Random Fields, and neural networks! Expect some colorful exploratory data analysis, then model building and some Q&A.

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Interesting Machine Learning Mobile

The Economics of Uber

There is a lot going on behind rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft. Some of it is technology and some of it is economics. Here’s a fascinating look at the algorithms and unintended consequences of the gig economy.

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AI Robotics

Meet the Open Source Robot Dog: openDog

If you’ve been watching the work of the Boston Dynamics’ company and thought to yourself: “why can’t I build one of those?” then you’re in luck. James Bruton is leading the way with his openDog project. Here’s a video from his YouTube channel.

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Science Space

Could We Build a Moon Base with Today’s Technology?

Could we start building a base on the moon with today’s technology? It may not be as far fetched as it sounds. It would also make a great testing ground for new technologies and a launching point for exploring the rest of the solar system.

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AI Science

How Close Are We to Downloading the Human Brain?

Downloading your brain may seem like science fiction, but some neuroscientists think it’s not only possible, but that we’ve already started down a path to one day make it a reality. So, how close are we to downloading a human brain?  

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Developer Microsoft

How to Build Great Libraries using .NET Standard

Would you like to know what it takes to create great .NET class libraries? Confused about .NET Standard, .NET Core, and .NET Framework? Watch this talk to learn how you can easily support multiple platforms with .NET Standard and no compromises, thanks to via multi-targeting. We’ll also cover the other aspects, such as versioning, strong […]

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Interesting Security

The Billion Dollar Bank Heist

In case you thought you bank heists involved physical interaction, then check out this story of international intrigue, social engineering, and a broken printer.

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