Day: August 6, 2018

Machine Learning

Best Programming Languages for Machine Learning

Siraj Rabal explains what is the best programming language to learn for machine learning? Surprisingly, there are a lot options and naturally, a lot more opinions . In this video, Siraj describes the top 3, using code, animations, and data to validate my point. He does this all in eight minutes. Buckle up.

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AI Future

Yann LeCun on the Next Step Towards Artificial Intelligence

The one and only Yann LeCun, Chief AI Scientist for Facebook AI Research (FAIR) and a Silver part-time Professor at New York University, talks about the future of AI.

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Azure Big Data Data Science Databricks

Execute Jars and Python scripts on Azure Databricks using Data Factory

Gaurav Malhotra discusses how you can operationalize Jars and Python scripts running on Azure Databricks as an activity step in a Data Factory pipeline. For more information: Transform data by running a Jar activity in Azure Databricks docs Transform data by running a Python activity in Azure Databricks docs Azure Databricks overview Azure Data Factory […]

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