Day: August 1, 2018

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How Far Will AI Go?

Don’t let the first few seconds of him talking Swedish scare you off, he switches to English for the remainder of this insightful talk. Max Tegmark is a Professor doing physics and AI research at MIT, and advocates for positive use of technology. He is the author of over 200 publications as well as the […]

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Big Data Data Science

A Data Scientist Explains What Data Science REALLY is

Joma Tech explains what data science really is about in this amazing video.

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3 years of Computer Science in 8 minutes

Devon Crawford explains the fundamentals of coding C/C++ in just over eight minutes. While I wouldn’t say it would replace a computer science degree, it’s a great jump into C, a language that inspires fear and awe.

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AWS Big Data Data Driven

The Unbreakable Kim Schmidt DataPoint Interview

While in Vegas, I caught up with my former DataLeader pal, Kim Schmidt to talk about her new book, advanced analytics, and why Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are the Ford, GM, and Chrysler of the 21st century. Press the play button below to listen here or visit the show page at  

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Autonomous Vehicles

Driverless Pods

As I drove back from Reston today in bumper to bumper Beltway traffic, I longed for the day when I can get a self-driving car. To be fair, I did make productive use of my time by recording a live stream for Data Driven. Transport Systems Catapult in the UK has been looking at automated […]

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AI Machine Learning TensorFlow

Jabrils on Writing His First Machine Learning Game

YouTuber Jabrils shares his history of how he got into machine learning, what inspired him, and about his first machine learning game. Plus, some cool dance moves during his re-enactment of making his first neural network.

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Design Developer

Five Things About CSS

CSS, while powerful, is the bane of many web developer’s existence. In this Five Things video, Burke sits down with CSS ninja Aimee Knight to bring you Five useful tips for working with CSS. More Information Aimee Knight on Twitter CSS Isn’t Black Magic CSS Stacking Context (how z-index works) CSS Object Model

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Azure R Spark

Azure Databricks introduces R Studio Integration

Just when you thought Azure Databricks couldn’t get any better, watch this video where Yatharth Gupta, Principal Program Manager for Azure Databricks, talks about the newly introduced integration with R Studio. For data scientists looking at scaling out R-based computing to big data, Azure Databricks provides the best way scale out their R models with Spark, […]

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Azure Big Data Machine Learning

Introducing ML Services 9.3 in Azure HDInsight

In this video, Katherine Kampf, PM on Azure Big Data team, talks about the newly introduced ML Services in Azure HDInsight. ML Services bridges these Microsoft innovations and contributions coming from the open-source community (R, Python, and AI toolkits) all on top of a single enterprise-grade platform. Any R or Python open-source machine learning package […]

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AI Machine Learning

Resume for Machine Learning

Siraj Raval has some advice for people looking to break into the Machine Learning/AI field for the first time with some resume tips.

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