Day: July 13, 2018

AI Reinforcement Learning

How Deepmind’s AlphaZero Can Master Games Without Human Knowledge

If my post yesterday about DeepMind’s AlphaZero piqued your interest but answered too few questions, then check out this video from teh 2017 NIPS conference where Dr. David Silver delivers the keynote. Dr. David Silver leads the reinforcement learning research group at DeepMind and is lead researcher on AlphaGo.

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Understanding Python Bytecode

Spend some time in Python and you’ll likely encounter its bytecode files — those ‘.pyc’ files Python likes to leave behind after it runs. Have you ever wondered what’s really going on in those files? Watch this video from PyCon 2018 to learn more about these files and what’s in them.

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Machine Learning Microsoft

Introduction to ML.NET

ML.NET is aimed at providing a first class experience for Machine Learning in .NET. Using ML.NET, .NET developers can develop and infuse custom AI into existing .NET apps through a code-driven and UI driven approach. ML.NET has been used extensively within Microsoft by Windows, Azure, SQL & Bing for a decade and now these capabilities […]

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