Day: April 12, 2018


Falcon Heavy Geek Out

Now that the Falcon Heavy has flown. In this episode of .NET Rocks, Carl and Richard geek out! Richard talks to Carl about the amazing Falcon Heavy launch – what worked, what didn’t and why did it take so darn long to fly? The discussion dives into how the plans for the Heavy evolved, affected […]

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Machine Learning

How Autocorrelation Works

Brandon Rohrer explains autocorrelation and partial autocorrelation, complete with pictures and Python code.

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Deep Learning

Which Activation Function Should You Use?

All neural networks use activation functions, but the reasons behind using them are never clear! In this video, the great Siraj Raval discusses what activation functions are, when they should be used, and what the difference between them is.

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AI Personal

Back at Microsoft

I’ve hinted at this on the Data Driven podcast a couple of times, but this week, it’s official: I’m back at Microsoft. This time as a Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Technical Sales Professional. What does that mean, exactly? I help companies achieve more by getting the most out of their data with analytics and […]

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Big Data Data

Who Has Your Data?

It’s 11AM, do you know who has your personal data and what they are doing with it? BBC Click investigates Facebook’s data sharing practices. It’s a sobering look and it will inspire be me to talk further about data issues with public policy folks.

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Big Data Data Driven

Talking Data Science to Policy Folks

Recently, I delivered a presentation on “Data Science for the Curious” at the WeWork K Street location in Washington, DC.The goal was to help the largely non-technical audience of public policy professionals understand some of the core tenets of data science: its promises and its perils.In light of the recent Facebook revelations, this is more […]

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Using Bing’s AI to Tap into the World of Knowledge

Bing APIs provide the pre-built AI capabilities to your business to build diverse search scenarios at web-scale. With Bing’s Web Search API, you can get the most relevant, contextual, and up-to-date results for your queries, which include webpages, images, videos, news, popular entities, and other answers. Using the vertical search APIs, you can obtain enriched […]

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