Day: March 16, 2018


Siraj Raval Explains How Blockchain Works

In case the last video I posted didn’t explain blockchain well enough, here’s Siraj’s take on the technology.

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Azure Containers

.NET Core and Containers

Jeremy Likness, and Josh Lane, discuss .NET Core and Containers: what containers are and how they fit into modern DevOps pipelines, then walk through the integrated tools in Visual Studio 2017 that assist developers with creating and debugging containers as well as publishing them to Azure via Azure Container Registry and Azure Web Apps for Containers. […]

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Great Introduction to Graph Databases

Here’s a unique introduction to graph database technology from a presenter who sounds like he’s from a Quentin Tarantino movie. 🙂

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Big Data Spark

Apache Spark Tutorial: Resilient Distributed Datasets

Here’s a particularly interesting tutorial on Spark by Frank Kane, the other guy named Frank in Data Science. 😉

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Blockchain Developer

Developing Blockchain Software

David Schwartz explains how to develop Blockchain software.

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How Easy is it to Capture Data on Public Free Wi-Fi?

I loathe connecting to open Wi-Fi networks and, in case you think I’m being overly paranoid, watch this video from Android Authority. In cases when I do have to connect to an open WiFi network, I fire up the VPN.

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AI GameDev

How Many AI Agents Can Unity Handle?

Unity has some built in functionality to create AI objects for gaming. Here Brackeys has some fun playing around with all the options.

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