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  • PetraSkarja

    The most distressing aspect of the whole story is the indifference of the US public to it. Backed by a quasi-religious belief (“In God We Trust) in the State, the average American simply cannot see the degradation which the post-war generations (“baby-boomers and later) have institutionalised , not just in this area of sadism, but throughout the various levels of government. Racism underlies much of what is done and thought in the US and , in essence, fascism rules (that is, private, corporate interests control the State and use their media power to stifle dissent; at the same time, no organised opposition offers a real alternative to the Establishment). The reviewer points out the rush to treat 9/11 as an act of war, a seemingly crazy decision, but significant and indicative of the deceit of the “security forces and the Bushites. As if they welcomed a chance to increase the military budgets and ,especially, the surveillance mechanisms over their own citizens. In our own small way, of course, the UK has followed where our great American cousins have led, with flagrant exploitation of “security, providing “jobs for the boys and maintaining a semi-hysterical tone in public discourse (cf. the current egregious nonsense over Mr Corbyn and the commie spy) I am convinced that “our MI5/6 etc etc are as devious and as unaccountable as their US counterparts , so this book could serve as a warning to us too.

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