Day: February 9, 2018

AI Infographics

History of Chatbots Infographic

In case you’re of the mindset that chatbots are new, then take a look at this infographic and learn the history of bots.

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IoT Raspberry Pi

RFID Explained

Here’s an explainer about the technology behind RFID. I plan to make something cool with Windows 10 IoT Core soon involving this technology.

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Machine Learning

How Bayes Theorem works

The great Brandon Rohrer explains how Bayes’ Theorem works in this video. For another look at Bayesian thinking, check out Julia Galef and some of the posts I’ve written featuring her videos.

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AI Data

Thinking like a Bayesian

Julia Galef outlines the most important principles of thinking like a Bayesian.

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AI Science

Machine Learning and Neuroscience

Siraj Raval explains how neuroscience and machine learning are related as well as how the two fields will help each other advance.

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Big Data Data Science

Big Earth Data

Here’s an interesting documentary on how scientists use big data to monitor the earth.

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Raspberry Pi Security

OpenVPN Server on a Raspberry Pi with PiVPN

Novaspirit Tech shows you how to set up a VPN server on your home network Raspberry PI & VPN Resources Private Internet Access ► Raspberry Pi 3 ► PiVPN ► Port Forwarding ► noip ► dyndns ►

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