Day: January 22, 2018

AI Mathematics

Non Euclidean Geometry

From time to time, the term “non-Euclidian geometry” comes up in the context of creating models for AI systems. Here’s a great explainer of what non-Euclidian geometry.

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Cryptocurrency Security

How Secure is 256 Bit Encryption?

In case you’re wondering exactly how hard it is to crack 256-bit encryption or mess with the blockchain.

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Footnote to How Machines Learn

Last week, I blogged a video by CGP Grey about how machines really learn. While the explanation was accurate, succinct, and beautiful it didn’t cover all the ways that a machine could learn. This video explains a few more ways that machines learn.

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AI CivicTech

Can AI Predict and Help Prevent Traffic Accidents?

BBC Click has a great episode on how the Nevada Highway Patrol uses AI.

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