Day: December 21, 2017


Azure Bot Service and Language Understanding Service Goes GA

Learn about the General Availability release of Azure Bot Service and Language Understanding service, the two top-notch AI services to create amazing conversational AI experiences. Find out how to get started easily with Azure Bot Service to create a bot using out of box templates such as the Language Understanding template, and reach your audience […]

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Data Driven IoT

The Magic of IoT

Arthur C Clarke once famously said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Recently, a family trip to Great Wolf Lodge proved this out as the MagiQuest game provides the look and feel of magic with RFID, IoT, and creativity. As a data and gadget geek, I could not resist pointing this out.

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Decentralized Artificial Intelligence

Siraj Raval recently spoke at a conference in Helsinki Finland called Slush about decentralized AI (Blockchain + machine learning applications).

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