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An Animated History of Writing

YouTube is an amazing gift to human knowledge. Embedded with the cat videos, angst-ridden teens, and meme tomfoolery, there are educational videos. Including this one about the history of writing that inspired my son to create a science project on the history of the alphabet. Below is the animated documentary...

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5 Tips on How To Get Noticed on YouTube in 2017

There once was a time when any kid lip syncing or crying into a webcam became an internet sensation and gain millions of views. In case you haven’t noticed, that is no longer the case. Here’s a great series of tips on getting noticed in a very crowded YouTube marketplace.

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How to Make 360 Degree Videos for YouTube

I’ve been seeing more and more 360 degree videos on YouTube lately.  It’s got me wondering how they are made and what gear is needed. Fortunately, I found this tutorial on how to create, edit, and upload 360 degree videos.

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YouTube Home Video Studio Setup and Tour

You may have seen some of my live streaming work like the printer unboxing video I streamed live to Facebook. You may even be curious about what it takes to set up a video studio in your house. Well, until I make my own behind the scenes video, here’s one...