Go on a tour of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) led by Microsoft Mechanics , and see all the latest updates.

If you’re new to WVD, it’s a desktop and app virtualization service hosted in Azure, and it’s more popular than ever with the global acceleration of people working remotely. Kam VedBrat, Partner Group Program Manager for Windows Virtual Desktop, joins host Jeremy Chapman to show how they’ve been accelerating efforts to improve elasticity, simplify deployment and management, and optimize latency for customers all over the world.


  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:17 – WVD Progress
  • 02:12 – Microsoft Teams A/V redirect
  • 03:07 – QuickStart
  • 04:07 – Service Monitoring
  • 05:49 – Policy Management
  • 07:18 – MSIX App Attach
  • 09:04 – How to Lower Costs