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Interesting Microsoft Security Windows

Was there ever a NSA Backdoor in Windows? This and more from the guy who created Windows Task Manager!

David Bombal gets some great stories and advice from Dave Plummer – the original creator of task manager and other interesting software like unzip on Microsoft Windows. Did the NSA have a backdoor in Microsoft Windows? Should you learn Rust or GoLang? Learn from someone who has years of development experience!

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Why Did Weezer Come with Windows 95?

Weezer and Windows 95 are forever linked in my mind. Kids today may not understand why and this video will explain how it all happened. Time stamps: 00:00-1:22 Introduction 1:22-07:32 Pre Windows 95 Launch 07:32-09:10 Fasthosts Techie Test 09:10-12:56 Windows 95 Marketing 12:56-20:19 Back to Weezer 20:20-22:17 The Other Videos 22:17-23:44 Closing 23:44-24:36 Credits

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