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3 Types of Projects That Will Make You a Programmer

Deciding which type of project you should add to your portfolio can be one of the hardest decisions to make. With so many options available; what should you do? In this video I lay out the 3 types of projects you’ll want to build where I explain the importance of certain types of projects and […]

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MERN Stack Full Course 2022

This video is based on SimpliLearn’s MERN Stack Developer Full Course. MERN Stack Developer tutorial will help you learn the latest technical advancements in MERN Stack and guide you with the fundamentals based on current IT standards. This tutorial will teach you about MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js. This tutorial will help you with critical […]

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IoT Maker Python

How to Build an Automatic Irrigation System with Arduino

In this video learn how to build an automatic irrigation system using Arduino. You can do this simple project for fun, for a science project in your school/college or to impress your grandma by watering her garden without actually watering manually.

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