Coming from a data warehousing and BI background, Franco Patano wanted to have a catalogue of the Lakehouse, including schema and profiling statistics.

He created the Lakehouse Data Profiler notebook using Python and SQL to analyze the data and generate schema and statistics tables. He then uses the new SQL Analytics product from Databricks to dashboard and visualize the data profiling statistics. He discusses how to use these dashboards to optimize JOINs and other operations.

[ Lightning talk from Data + AI Summit 2020]

vcubingx provides a visual introduction to the structure of an artificial neural network.

The Neural Network, A Visual Introduction | Visualizing Deep Learning, Chapter 1

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:55 One input Perceptron
  • 3:30 Two input Perceptron
  • 4:40 Three input Perceptron
  • 5:17 Activation Functions
  • 6:58 Neural Network
  • 9:45 Visualizing 2-2-2 Network
  • 10:59 Visualizing 2-3-2 Network
  • 12:33 Classification
  • 13:05 Outro

SandDance provides data visualization in the context of the data you are operating in and gives you interactive data exploration where you can quickly find pattern, trends and anomalies from the data.

It’s rich interactive 3D viewer gives the effects of different attributes on the data and its ease of use provides data engineers with a powerful in place tool to visualize their data.

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