AI Generative AI Video Production

Discover This 48-Hour AI Creation: Exploring the Power of Story and Professionalism + AMA

This video from Filmmaker IQ covers an interesting experiment with AI.\

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Video Production

What is Shutter Speed and How Has It Changed?

Captain Disillusion explains shutter speed and how digital technology changed it all.

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Interesting Mathematics

Did You Know About the 200-year-old mathematics behind half the internet

This video is from Improbable Matter discusses how Fourier Transforms – breaking up signals into individual waves – allows lossy compression of sound, images and movies like the one you are watching now!

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Protoweb – Reviving the ’90s Internet! (Overview & Demo)

Today Michael MJD is exploring Protoweb – a web restoration project with a goal of bringing old ’90s-era websites back to working order! Protoweb:

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Most PRIVATE Video Watching Apps!

This video is from Naomi Brockwell: NBTV. When you want to watch videos on your phone, you’re probably using an app whose dual role behind the scenes is to gather as much information about you as it can. It observes all of your actions, and adds all this information to a database about you that […]

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Is the fastest GPU ALWAYS the best?

Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4090 is a GPU that’s been rumored to be a power-hungry beast since it was first leaked. Is it really that bad? And can its gaming performance possibly justify its massive price tag?

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Robotics Video Production

Camera Robots that Speed Across the Room

Here’s a fascinating look at how robots and slow motion cameras create the most amazing visual effects.

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