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How Green Screen Worked Before Computers

Did you ever wonder how green screens (better known in the past as compositing) worked before computers? In this video, Tom Scott takes you back to a time before After Effects.

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Batman vs Superman Full VFX Breakdown

Here’s a breakdown of the VFX created for Batman vs Superman.  Do not attempt to adjust your speakers, this video has no sound. It’s really great to see how shots like these are composited.

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Realistic Rain Drop FX Tutorial

Here’s a video tutorial on how to create a procedural water effect with refraction with After Effects (and no 3rd party plug-ins.)

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VFX Tools: It Adds Up

If, after watching the Film Riot VFX Wish List video, your first thought was “wow, that’s an expensive hobby,” you’d be right. In fact, this GIF sums up a lot of budget conversations budding VFX artists have with their significant others.

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VFX Wish List

Film Riot has compiled a list of great gift ideas for the VFX artists in your life.  Granted, Christmas is over, but everyone has a birthday sometime within the next 365 days. Just sayin’