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Exploring the UWP Map Control

My latest MSDN column on UWP development covers the SDK’s built in map control. Spoiler alert: it’s easy to use, powerful, and fun to add maps your UWP app. It’s even free! Read it now or any one of my other MSDN articles.

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Spatial Audio Capabilities for Xbox and Windows

Here’s an interesting talk about the upcoming spatial audio features for Windows and XBox games.  Spatial audio, or 3D audio, adds an extra bit of realism to games by adding spatial cues to sounds.  Watch this video from the recent Game Developers Conference to find out more.

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Creating a Twitter Searching App in UWP

My latest article in MSDN Magazine is out today! I wanted to create something that provided the functionality of the old TweetDeck with features that I needed. . How to Create a Twitter Searching App in UWP Currently, I manage several YouTube channels that source content from tweets marked with...

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Drag and Drop for Surface Hub Apps

In this continuation of videos about designing for the Surface Hub, Dr Neil shows off how to drag & drop and direct manipulation to their sample UWP app. Code and slides are at https://github.com/dxsurfacehub/Surface-Hub-Design-and-Development

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Exploring the UWP Community Toolkit

My latest MSDN article is available online and it covers the UWP Community Toolkit.   From the article: The goal of the UWP Community Toolkit is to engage the developer community to create a series of controls and helper functions to simplify UWP development. The UWP Community Toolkit has five...

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Offline Facial Detection in UWP Apps

With the UWP Cognitive Services APIs, you can add basic facial detection to your app without calling any APIs. The Windows.Media.Face­Analysis namespace contains functionality to detect faces in images or videos. The feature set is basic and lacks the rich data set of Cognitive Services. In fact, it’s very similar...

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Introducing the UWP Community Toolbox

David Catuhe shows off the UWP Community Toolkit, an open-source collection of helper functions, custom controls, and app services that simplifies common developer tasks for building UWP apps. Check out the demo app in the Windows Store and take a look at the source, which is available on GitHub.