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Exploring the Tech Behind the 1000 Mile Car Battery

From electric cars to your smartphone, we rely on batteries more now than ever. Advances in battery technology would have enormous impact on our environment when you factor in electric vehicles and providing reliable energy storage mechanisms for wind and solar. An interesting battery technology popped up recently involving metal-air technology that could make an […]

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Interesting Solar

Solar Panels Plus Farming? Agrivoltaics Explained

Solar panels plus farming? Agrivoltaics explained. Could combining solar panels plus farming be a viable solution to the growing demand for food production and energy demand? This video takes a closer look at adding solar to our farm land as well as some of the side benefits and challenges it creates.

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Are Perovskite Solar Cells Could Be the Future of Renewable Energy?

What if we could build solar panels using materials that aren’t supply-limited and with a lower carbon process? As well as achieving higher efficiencies at the same time? Perovskite solar panels have been promising that future for some time now, but where are they? And are they the future of solar panel technology? This video […]

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