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Azure IoT Starter Kits

In this episode of the Maker Show, Jeremy Foster interviews some folks from the Azure IoT team. By the time you finish this video, it’s doubtful that you’ll have any questions remaining on IoT or how to get started.

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Bitcoin Sensor

Paul DeCarlo  built this IoT solution for monitoring the price of Bitcoin with Visual and Auditory cues pertaining to the volatility of the the CoinDesk exchange over a given time interval.  

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Building an iOS app for your Garage

There may be no talking dogs in the latest installment of The Maker Show, but there is a garage “operating system” that David Washington put together.  

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SignalR with the Raspberry Pi

In this episode of The Maker Show, Ian Philpot and Jared Rhodes combine the worlds of real-time communication and web robotics to make a sword fighting Lego Bionicle. Starting with a UWP app and the Microsoft Band SDK (accelerometer data), they then use Signalr to send that data up to...

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A Radio from Scratch on the Maker Show

Learn about a couple of the primary electronic capacitors – the inductor and the capacitor – by building a working radio from scratch. Jeremy Foster gets down to basics and just uses tin foil and wire for this show. The only component we’ll need to use is a simple diode....

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GraviComp Mechanical Computer

In this latest Maker Show Mini episode, James McCaffrey from Microsoft Research Labs shows off the GraviComp, a mechanical computer powered by gravity. What’s a mechanical computer? A mechanical computer is built from physical components such as levers and gears rather than electronic components. The earliest mechanical computers have existed...

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Easy IoT with the Tessel 2

In this episode of the Maker Show, Jeremy Foster introduces the Tessel 2, a cool little IoT device makes development really easy. You can write your app using JavaScript (or even TypeScript!).