Is Microsoft DESTROYING Windows with Windows 11?

I have made no secret of my disdain for changes made in Windows 11. It was a driving force for me  experiment with Linux last March and finally break down and buy a MacBook last October. More recently, my wife’s laptop was “stealth upgraded” to Windows 11, which really ticked her off. Fortunately, there is […]

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Raspberry Pi

How Small can Raspberry Pi CM4 Boards Be?

From the tiniest carrier board to the best Industrial Pis on the market, the Compute Module 4 is powering a revolution in Raspberry Pi uses. Time stamps: 00:00 – Radxa Taco NAS 00:31 – Storinator Jr 01:15 – Compute Module Availability 02:42 – Uptime Lab’s Tiny MinCab 04:04 – Home Assistant Amber 04:43 – Seeed […]

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Hardware Mobile

A Look Back at the UMPC

Once upon a time (around 14 years ago), I was a Tablet PC developer, MVP, and all around fan boy. In other words, I was into tablets before they were cool. Indeed, I was in to tablets before they were practical. And this review by RetroManCave of a Azus R2H UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) indicates […]

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Developer Windows

Windows Ink Session from Windows Developer Day

The Windows Developer Day – Fall Creators Update event just happened and I was delighted to see a session on ink. Long time readers of know that I have a soft spot for digital ink and the tablet form factor and that has not changed. So, watch the video below and start adding ink […]

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