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How to become an expert in ANYTHING FAST (Ultralearning)

We live in an age of learning and the faster you can learn, the more successful you will be. This video from Unsolicited advice highlights some tactics for those looking to get to the next level. What if you could become an expert in literally any field? Imagine how great of a learner you would […]

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the hacker’s roadmap (how to get started in IT in 2023)

This video is from NetworkChuck. Are you wanting to get started in IT in 2023? Do you want to become a Hacker? A Network Engineer? Cloud Engineer? System Administrator? In this video, NetworkChuck will show you the path to getting started in IT and Cybersecurity that will help you reach these goals.

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How to Easily Learn Difficult Things

Here’s a great video about learning, which is a crucial skill for the 21st century. As a medical student, I have often been frustrated by learning. Mostly with myself: for procrastinating, getting distracted from studying, not wanting to put in the time to learn difficult things; or with my teachers: for what we’ve considered lazy, […]

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Python Tutorial for Beginners | Learn Python in 1.5 Hours

Here’s a great tutorial on Python from Apna College. Notes Time stamps: 00:00 – Introduction 01:38 – Install Python (Windows & Mac – both) 02:14 – Install PyScripter (only for Windows) 02:56 – How to work with PyScripter? 05:21 – Install PyCharm (Windows & Mac – both) 07:44 – Creating a file 09:05 – 1st […]

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Clean Code Lesson 1 with Uncle Bob

“Coding Better World Together” is a set of master lessons from the famous Uncle Bob (Robert Cecil Martin), where he gives us a broad vision of the importance and future of Software in today’s society. In this first lesson, Uncle Bob demonstrates the need to write a clean code and establishes the bases to achieve […]

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Apple Google Privacy

What Your Phone Sends Every 5 Minutes to Apple or Google

Apple’s push into privacy may be mostly talk as a new privacy study analyzed which data smartphones transmit to Apple and Google, even with telemetry options disabled. It turns out, iPhones and Androids not only send a number of identifiers on average every 5 minutes, some network connections even include location and nearby devices. Professor […]

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