In this post from Leila Gharani, you’ll learn how to successfully teach online with Microsoft Teams. You’ll keep your students engaged and as teachers you can stay organized. Also if you’re thinking of taking your classes online, make sure you go through my list of important tips. The list of Teams tips is based on what I learnt teaching classes online. This will make distance learning more fun and easy to manage.

If you’re a teacher and you use Microsoft Teams for distance learning these tips will help you keep your students engaged and to stay organized.

Time Stamps

  • 00:00 Top Tips for Teaching Using Microsoft Teams
  • 00:34 Launch Polls from a Teams Meeting
  • 02:52 Use Together Mode in Microsoft Teams
  • 03:42 Disable Chat During a Teams Meeting
  • 04:37 Annotate Your Screen in Teams With ZoomIt
  • 06:30 Use 2 Devices to Check Student’s Experience
  • 07:29 Download the Attendance List in Teams
  • 08:02 Use the Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams
  • 09:01 Check Assignment Options in Teams
  • 11:24 Change Default Assignment Settings in Teams
  • 12:18 Hide Student Names for Anonymous Grading in Teams
  • 13:01 Wrap Up

Today’s students are tomorrow’s workforce and they are going to be working in an AI-infused world. Here’s an interesting look at what teachers are doing today to prepare kids.

Not only will today’s students need to become adept at using AI tools, but to become truly empowered creators they’ll need a deeper understanding of how AI works — and their changing relationship to it as designers and artists.

Middle school students at Edward W. Bok Academy in Lake Wales, Florida, are experimenting with a variety of AI-powered creative tools as a way to learn about how artificial intelligence works while also exploring their interest in the arts. They’re conducting virtual symphonies, composing music and drawing pictures to see if AI can recognize the images.