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Unlocking the Potential of Data Storage with IBM Storage Fusion & Red Hat OpenShift Integration

Here’s the most recent Data Services Office House I did for OpenShift TV. Dive into the world of data storage and discover why it’s the unsung hero behind every successful data project! From colossal language models like ChatGPT 🤖 to humble CSV files on a shared drive, robust storage solutions are the backbone of data-driven […]

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Data Driven Red Hat

Josh Blumert on Containerized Storage

In this episode I talk with Josh Blumert on the evolution of storage and how we got to containerized storage. This was originally recorded as part of the Data Office Hours series on the OpenShift YouTube channel.

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Comparing MySQL and MongoDB

Database management systems (DBMS) are software tools that allow users to store, extract, and query large sets of data. IBM’s Martin Keen explores the key differences between two of the most popular varieties – MySQL and MongoDB – and explains how each got its unusual name.

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Red Hat

Red Hat CEO Paul Cormier: Open Source Drives the Cloud and Edge

Paul Cormier, CEO of Red Hat, discusses how open source’s innovation enables edge, and why hybrid cloud is now the operative model going forward.

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Red Hat

Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage

Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage provides persistent container-native storage for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. It provides dynamic provisioning of shared storage with a uniform storage experience regardless of whether it is deployed on bare metal, on virtual machines, or in the hybrid cloud.

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AWS Machine Learning

Bratin Saha on How SageMaker is Advancing Machine Learning

Bratin Saha, VP and General Manager, Machine Learning Services, AWS, discusses how the cloud has enabled machine learning, and focuses on SageMaker’s ability to ease ML deployment.

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Raspberry Pi

How Small can Raspberry Pi CM4 Boards Be?

From the tiniest carrier board to the best Industrial Pis on the market, the Compute Module 4 is powering a revolution in Raspberry Pi uses. Time stamps: 00:00 – Radxa Taco NAS 00:31 – Storinator Jr 01:15 – Compute Module Availability 02:42 – Uptime Lab’s Tiny MinCab 04:04 – Home Assistant Amber 04:43 – Seeed […]

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Azure SQL SQL Server

Storage 101 for Azure SQL and SQL Server Engineers

Learn how storage impacts the performance of your database solution. In this episode with MVP Argenis Fernandez, go over the basics of I/O, what the different access patterns are for the database engine and how to tell when there is an issue with underlying storage for your database. Resources: Argenis’ blog on IO Block Size […]

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Hardware Interesting

Ultra-Dense Data Storage and Extreme Parallelism with Electronic-Molecular Systems

Sustaining growth in storage and computational needs is increasingly challenging thanks to those pesky laws of physics. For over a decade, exponentially more information has been produced year after year while data storage solutions are pressed to keep up. Soon, current solutions will be unable to match new information in need of storage. Computing is […]

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