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NVIDIA’s Revenue SHOCKED Wall Street

PBD and the Home Team discuss the massive success of NVIDIA. How the stock is at an all-time high with rates going up, and how the company has consistently pivoted into the perfect industry.

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AI Deep Fakes

Deepfakes – Biggest Threat To National Security?

In this video, Patrick highlights the imminent danger posed by DeepFakes. Patrick gives a brief history on the evolution of DeepFakes and the different types that have been used in the last few years. G

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7 Reasons Why ChatGPT and A.I. Can Make or Break Your Business

PBD from Valuetainment talks about the impact of AI on businesses. Are you using AI to grow your business? In this episode, Patrick Bet-David talks about 7 reasons ChatGPT and A.I. can make or break your business. In this video, Patrick Bet-David details the future of education and the college monopoly system. Check out Pat’s […]

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Current Events

PBD’s Reaction To Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Barry Habib, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth react to the Silicon Valley bank collapse.

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9 Types of Intelligence

Valuetainment‘s PBD explains how there are  9 types of intelligence people fall under.

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What is ChatGPT & Who is Behind it?

Yeah, yeah, I know ANOTHER ChatGPT post. But this one is is from Valuetainment, which is Patrick Bet-David (PBD)’s, YouTube channel/podcast. PBD always provides a great outlook from an entrepreneurial perspective. So his take on ChatGPT is key to understanding the business impact of the technology, which technologists tend not to always see right away. […]

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Mindset Of High Achiever Entrepreneurs

If you’re not aware of Patrick Bet-David, then you need to be. Here he is delivering wisdom in this talk. At a recent event I was speaking at, somebody asked why they don’t they accomplish the things they want. This made me think of my eight-year-old because of a recent statement he made that almost […]

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How To Combat Market Crash Anxiety

There’s a lot of wild things happening out there in the world and the market reflects that. In this video, the great Patrick Bet-David explains the best way to combat anxiety about a market crash.

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AI Ethics Future

Nick Bostrom: The Threat Of Artificial Intelligence aka Elon Musk’s Biggest Fear

Patrick Bet-David sits down with Nick Bostrom. Nick Bostrom is a New York Times bestseller, was recommended by Elon Musk and Bill Gates among others, and helped to popularize the term “superintelligence”. Bostrom believes that superintelligence is a potential outcome of advances in artificial intelligence.

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