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Phishing Wars: Humans vs. AI – Who Will Prevail?

Distinguished Engineer, Jeff Crume, walks you through a test that was done to see who was better at Phishing: Humans or AI. The results may surprise you – but either way, with how AI is evolving we humans have to be sharper than ever to catch phishing attacks, so Jeff also covers how to best […]

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MAJOR EXPLOIT: This GIF can Backdoor ANY Android Phone [Zero-Day]

In this video, Daniel Boctor takes a deep dive into the inner mechanics of a double free vulnerability within Android OS, allowing attackers to gain complete access to any Android mobile phone with an RCE (remote code execution). This vulnerability was exploited by creating a custom GIF file and sending it to a user in […]

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GitHub Universe 2023 – Day 1

Watch the opening keynote at GitHub Universe, their global event for developers, security professionals, and enterprise leaders.

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Can We Build a Home Server Out of Mini PCs?

This video from Level1Techs uses Mini PCs to build out a server.

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Raspberry Pi

Why RISC-V isn’t killing Arm (yet)

This video is from Jeff Geerling. The Mars CM is neat. But is it an adequate replacement for the Raspberry Pi CM4? Links: Mars CM: ARACE store: Mars CM test data: StarFive VisionFive 2 review:

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Jan van der Vegt takes us on a walk through the isolation forest

This video is from PyData. Anomaly detection can help with fraud detection, predictive maintenance and cyber security cases amongst others. Next to this it can help on a meta level for other machine learning projects by detecting outliers during training or inference. One of the approaches to anomaly detection is called Isolation Forests. In this […]

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Have We Been Using Redis Wrong the Whole Time?

This video is from Dreams of Code. Redis happens to be one of my more favorite databases out there, but I often relegate it to the caching layer in my application stack. In this video, I decided to look at how to use redis as a database, rather than as a cache, and how that […]

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Linux Mint 21.2 – The Final Step To PERFECTION?

Linux Mint has long been one of the most well-rounded Linux distributions that strikes a balance of new features and stability, and provides a superb user experience for both new and long-time Linux users. 21.2, recently released in Beta, is bringing significant changes that push the Linux Mint experience even closer to perfection, but it […]

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