software development


Learn Python 2022 Course – Tutorial From Beginner To Pro

Python has in recent years become one of the worlds most popular programming languages due to its flexibility and easy to learn syntax. In this course you will go from a complete beginner to a pro programmer, who is capable of writing Web services, crawl data from web sites and create object oriented applications.

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Cryptocurrency Developer

API Project! Build a Crypto Dashboard

In this video, Ania shows you how to make a Crypto Dashboard using two APIs. This project is great for those looking for fun projects to make with unique APIs. Time stamps: 00:00 Introduction 01:13 Exploring the API 02:21 Setting up our React App 07:54 let’s get building! 53:35 .env files in React 54:23 Styling […]

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What’s Special About Rust

In this video Carol Nichols shows us  what’s special about Rust.

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GameDev Javascript

How to Build a Candy Crush Clone in React

In this video learn how to make a game of Candy Crush in React! Time stamps: 00:00 Introduction 01:37 Setting up our project 07:25 Creating our Game Board 24:48 Checking for matches 42:46 Moving Candies down 48:42 Dragging and Dropping in React 01:07:20 Adding Images in React 01:11:43 Adding the score 01:17:25 Checking for blanks […]

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Career Developer

How Many Programming Languages Should You Learn?

There’s a question that has come up time and time again in my career:  How many programming languages should you learn? Here’s an interesting perspective from YouTuber ForrestKnight Well if you’re starting out… one. But which programming language is heavily dependent upon your goal. Or throw your goal out the window and just learn C, […]

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Generative AI

First look at OpenAI Codex

In this video, Ania Kubow shares her insights into OpenAI Codex beta version, and how she built an entire website using only 152 spoken words.

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