Rob Miles

AI Reinforcement Learning

AI Safety Gym

Rob Miles of Computerphile  discusses the idea of a gym for training AI algorithms.

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Natural Language Processing

Vectoring Words

Computerphile asks “How do you represent a word in AI?” Rob Miles reveals how words can be formed from multi-dimensional vectors – with some unexpected results.

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AI Generative AI

GPT-2: Why Didn’t They Release It?

Since hearing about Open AI’s decision not to release GPT-2 due to it “being too dangerous,” I have been puzzled by their decision to release their research that went into creating it. Furthermore, the idea of an organization called “Open AI” hiding their best work to date seemed off. To me, it smelled like a […]

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AI Generative AI Natural Language Processing

AI Language Models & Transformers

Rob Miles on Language Models and Transformers, plausible text generation, how does it work, and what’s next.

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Concrete Problems in AI Safety

Computerphile contributor Rob Miles talks about the concrete problems in AI Safety.

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