What is a Quant? – Financial Quantitative Analyst

In this video learn what a Financial Quantitative Analyst is and does. A Quant for short is someone who has deep knowledge of financial mathematics. This is a specific type of mathematics that relates to no arbitrage pricing and delves into Ito Calculus and some very difficult probability theory.

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Risk and AI/ML

About 50% of Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham’s research focuses on the risk management of machine learning, developing constructs to verify if an AI application can be relied upon given the prolific use of AI and machine learning in everyday applications. Thuraisingham is the Founders Chair professor of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas.

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The Risky Venture of Spaceport America

In the middle of the New Mexico desert lies Spaceport America, a glittering, alien structure advertised as the very first purpose-built commercial spaceport. It’s home to Virgin Galactic, a space startup that promises to send tourists into orbit as early as next year. But even if that milestone happens, it will follow years of delays, […]

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What is AI fuzzing? And why it may be the next big cybersecurity threat
AI Security

What is AI Fuzzing? And Is It the Next Big Cybersecurity Threat?

In case you were wondering when the worlds of CyberSecurity and AI would collide and create new threats, it’s happening. AI fuzzing definition AI fuzzing uses machine learning and similar techniques to find vulnerabilities in an application or system. Fuzzing has been around for a while, but it’s been too hard to do and hasn’t […]

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AI Economics of AI Future

The Existential Risks of AI and Biotechnology and What Does Humanity’s Future Hold

Here’s a video focusing on the “existential risks” facing humanity and why the 21st century is like no other. While I think some of this is fear mongering, the video does raise some interesting ethical and policy questions. Threats from artificial intelligence and biotechnology might wipe out humanity as we know it. The nature and […]

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