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Raspberry Pi Assembly Language Tutorial

If my previous post about comparing C code to its compiled machine language equivalent made you want to know more, then good on you.  While the days of having to deal with this low level of code are long gone, understanding the fundamentals is always a good idea.  It may...


Is the Orange Pi Zero Better than the Raspberry Pi Zero?

Packed with features and a price point to take on the Raspberry Pi Zero. Check out this review to see if it has enough features and support to challenge the dominance of the Raspberry Pi Zero. I love the competition in this space.


6 Things to do After Buying Raspberry Pi 3

Six things to do do after buying a Raspberry Pi 3. TL;DW (Too Long; Didn’t Watch) Installing Raspbian OS Do the SSH into Raspberry Pi Get the GUI of Raspberry Pi onto Laptop AutoLogin the Raspbian OS for doing Automation Setup Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of the Raspberry Pi 3 Customizing...