Quantum London  partnered with Sia Partners to offer you two detailed, practical and actionable discussions.

In this first session held on 7th April we discussed with Martin Hofmann (ex Group CIO of Volkswagen where is was the Quantum Program Lead, now works with strategic customers at Salesforce), Markus Pflitsch (CEO and co-founder of Terra Quantum, a CERN Quantum Physicist and a senior financial executive) and Karan Pinto (Senior Venture Builder focused on Quantum Technologies at Sia Partners)

Quantum London has partnered with the Lloyd’s Lab from Lloyd’s of London and put together a great event looking at how will quantum computing impact the insurance industry.

In this short video, Anahita Zardoshti presents her “Impacts of #Quantum #Computing on Insurance” report, providing a concise but complete overview of Quantum Computing and the impacts on the #Insurance industry.