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5 AI SaaS Ideas To Launch In 2024

In this video, Simon Høiberg gives us 5 A.I. SaaS ideas you can build and launch in 2024.

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Now Anyone can Access Your Personal Chats with GPT?!

This research paper shows how, with a simple prompt attack, people can extract GPT training data, including your ChatGPT chats, personal information, copyrighted material, and so on. Goda Go explains.

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How Neural Networks Learned to Talk | ChatGPT: A 30 Year History

This video from Art of the Problem explores the journey of language models, from their modest beginnings through the development of OpenAI’s GPT models & hints at Q* / Google Gemini. Our journey takes us through the key moments in neural network research involved in next word prediction. We delve into the early experiments with […]

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AI Research

Uncovering Sam Altman’s Q*: OpenAI Updates, Elon Musk’s AGI Prediction & Synthetic Data Predictions

In this video, Matthew Berman goes over a few stories that turn out to be all related. Sam Altman confirms Q is real, he’s also back at OpenAI, Elon Musk calls OpenAI liars and predicts AGI within 3 years, and synthetic data is all the rage.

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What Is Q*? The Leaked AGI BREAKTHROUGH That Almost Killed OpenAI

In this video, Matthew Berman breaks down every piece of information we have about Q*, the revolutionary AGI breakthrough that has been leaked from OpenAI. Everyone in the AI community has been scrambling to figure out what it is, and I’ve collected everything I can on the subject. So, what is Q*? Is it AGI?

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