Did AT&T Predict the Future?

Marques Brownlee examines the AT&T commercials that inspired this Data Point. AT&T Made a futuristic concept commercial 20 years ago that turned out to be literally perfectly accurate. It’s insane. Maybe they should make another one this year? 

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FinTech Machine Learning Python

Stock Price Prediction Using Python & Machine Learning

Computer Science posted a great video tutorial showing how to create a stock price prediction algorithm with Python & Machine Learning (LSTM).

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Neural Networks

Neural Networks and Linear Regression

On Friday, someone asked me about linear regression with neural networks.  I didn’t have a good answer – I knew that you *could* do linear regression but neural networks, but never had actually done it in practice. Promising to learn more, I came across this video by giant_neural_network on YouTube.

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Azure Machine Learning

Using ML.NET in an Azure Function for Predictions

Jon Wood has just uploaded a video on using ML.NET in an Azure Function with an HTTP Trigger to perform predictions on a previously build ML.NET model. Check it out!

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Machine Learning Predictions: 60% Of Companies Bring AI Into Everyday Business By 2022
AI Economics of AI

Prediction: 60% Of Companies Bring AI Into Everyday Business By 2022

If you think that the excitement around AI lacks merit, then you may want to reconsider that point of view after reading this article from Forbes. AI and machine learning are breathing new life and business opportunities into that tired old phrase, “automating paper-based processes.” Consider this trio of forecasts that IDC predicted to happen […]

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