AI for Content Creation with Heather Murray

This video is from The ONE Group. On this episode, we are joined by Heather Murray, a Top 20 MarTech Influencer and Director of Beesting Digital. Heather dives into the world of Artificial Intelligence, sharing her top tips and advice on harnessing the transformative power of using AI for content creation. Tune in to find […]

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Video Production

SECRET Premiere Pro Feature Every Creator Needs To Know About

Did you ever have trouble with the sound levels in your podcast or YouTube videos? In this video, Mike Russell. shows you a secret feature in Premiere Pro that will help you fix the volume issues. You won’t believe how easy it is!

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AI Data Driven

Brennan Lamey on Entrepreneurship & Data Engineering in the Web 3 Era

In this show, we delve into the fascinating world of Web 3 and decentralized databases. Join us as we explore the insights and experiences of our guest, Brennan Lamey, the founder of Kwil – a revolutionary company that builds decentralized databases for Web 3 applications. Throughout this episode, Brennan shares his journey and the inspiration […]

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AI Data Driven

Joe Baffone on the Role of Data in Transforming Healthcare

In today’s episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with the remarkable Joe Baffone, an expert in the healthcare industry. With a focus on busting through administrative toxicities that lead to financial toxins, Joe discusses their comprehensive tooling and tech-enabled services that manage financial assistance for provider organizations. Join us as Joe dives into the […]

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Data Driven Privacy Security

Data, Security, And Advanced Persistent Threats with Patrick Hynds and Duane Laflotte

In this episode, we dive into the pyramid of cybersecurity threats, ranging from amateur hackers to nation-state level cyber threats. We also delve into the intriguing world of OSINT (open source intelligence), uncovering its uses, implications, and potential dangers. Join us for an intriguing discussion with fellow podcasters Patrick Hynds and Duane Laflotte. Links

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AI Data Driven Open Source Red Hat

Talking AI at the OpenShift Commons Gathering in Raleigh

I am in Raleigh today talking about the convergence of AI, OpenSource, and the importance of underlying ITOps to support AI initiatives.

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AI Hardware

Nvidia: The Dawn of the AI Era (Audio)

This video from Acquired talks about the dawn of the AI age, Nvidia, and the early moments of OpenAI’s inception. Over the past 18 months Nvidia has weathered one of the steepest stock crashes in history ($500B+ market cap wiped away peak-to-trough!). And, it has of course also experienced an even more fantastical rise — […]

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AI Career Data Driven Data Science

Adam Ross Nelson on Getting Started in a Data Science Career

On this episode of Data Driven, Frank and Andy interview Adam Ross Nelson. Adam is a consultant, where he provides insights on data science, machine learning and data governance. He recently wrote a book to help people get started in data science careers.  Get the book How to Become a Data Scientist: A Guide for Established […]

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Data Data Driven

Lauren Maffeo on Data Governance from the Ground Up

Andy and I interviewed Lauren Maffeo recently to talk about the importance of data governance. The conversation revolves around the importance of data governance in relation to generative AI, copyright infringement, and protecting consumer rights. They explore topics such as the need for proactive cybersecurity measures, the challenges faced by startups in implementing data governance, […]

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