LakeFlow Demo

Databricks LakeFlow is a new solution that contains everything you need to build and operate production data pipelines. It includes new native, highly scalable connectors for databases including MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server and Oracle and enterprise applications like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Workday, ServiceNow and Google Analytics. Users can transform data in batch and streaming […]

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AI Red Hat

Data science pipelines on OpenShift

Guillaume Moutier describes the new data science pipelines capability within Red Hat OpenShift Data Science that allows data scientists, data engineers and app developers to ingest data and clean it within the Jupyter environment, and then deploy as an OpenShift pipeline. Data practitioners can automate the full cycle within and intuitive drag-and-drop UI. Check out […]

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AI Big Data Data

The Importance of Data Pipelines in AI and Data Science: An Overview

Data is the lifeblood of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science. It drives insights, powers decisions, and propels innovations. To unlock its full potential, data must be correctly handled, and this is where data pipelines come into play. What are Data Pipelines? Data pipelines are a series of data processing steps where data is ingested […]

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Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning Pipelines

With Azure ML Pipelines, all the steps involved in the data scientist’s lifecycle can be stitched together in a single pipeline improving inner-loop agility, collaboration, and reuse of data and code, while maintaining high reliability. This video explores Azure Machine Learning Pipelines, the end-to-end job orchestrator optimized for machine learning workloads. Learn More: Azure ML […]

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