AI Data Driven

Peter Voss on Artificial General Intelligence, Personalizing Personal Assistants, and Motorcycles

In this episode of Data Driven, Frank and Andy speak with Peter Voss about Artificial General Intelligence, Personalizing Personal Assistants, and Motorcycles. Sponsor Sponsor: – Get a free audio book and support DataDriven – visit! Guest Bio Peter Voss is the world’s foremost authority in Artificial General Intelligence. His company Aigo ( has […]

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Mathematics Philosophy Fridays

Physics Says That We Don’t Have Free Will?!

Sabine Hossenfelder explains why free will is incompatible with the currently known laws of nature and why the idea makes no sense anyway.   Compare this with John-Paul Sartre’s “We are condemned to be free.” Sounds like a perfect debate topic for Philosophy Friday here on Frank’s World. Time stamps: 0:00 Intro and Content Summary 0:30 […]

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AI Future Philosophy Fridays

Could You Ever Upload Your Mind Into A Computer?

Philosophy Tube explores what the future holds for consciousness, compute, and AI. What does this mean? Biology meets computer science meets philosophy! Following a discussion between Antonio Damasio and Aubrey de Grey I was inspired to talk about minds and brains, computers, artificial intelligence, and technology! It’s these mash-ups of different fields and disciplines that […]

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Philosophy Fridays

Why Stoicism Matters

For this week’s Philosophy Friday, here’s a great presentation no Why Stoicism Matters.

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