How Facebook Intercepts Your Web Traffic

In this video from Mental Outlaw discusses how Facebook has been intercepting and decrypting your private data sent to apps that have nothing to do with Facebook over the years and how anyone else doing this kind of man in the middle attack would be facing prison time, but Facebook execs get special privileges.

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Current Events Developer Security

Why Does The White House Endorse Rust?

In this video, Mental Outlaw discusses how the federal government is pushing to have future software written in memory safe programming languages like Rust, and how this can bring jobs to Rust developers and overall improve our digital infrastructure.

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AI Deep Fakes Security

DeepFake Social Engineering Attacks

In this video from Mental Outlaw learnhow deepfake technology is being used to try and keep people from voting and to scam people out of millions of dollars.

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Mastodon had a Critical Security Vulnerability

Mental Outlaw discusses the recent security updates to Mastodon to fix critical security vulnerabilities that allowed for cross site scripting through oEmbed preview cards (CVE-2023-36459) and Arbitrary file creation through media attachments (CVE-2023-36460 AKA TootRoot) make sure the Mastodon instance you’re using is on version 4.1.3 or later.  

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Virtual Reality

The Metaverse is Dead

Seeing the writing on the wall (and Wall St) Facebook has quietly killed off the metaverse, they are now going to be focusing on creating AI models starting with LLaMA: A foundational, 65-billion-parameter large language model. Mental Outlaw dives into it.

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Open Source Security

Millions of Devices Are Vulnerable to a Critical OpenSSL Bug

In this video learn about the forthcoming OpenSSL 3.0.7 release which is supposed to include patches for a critical security vulnerability, the worst one in the OpenSSL library since Heartbleed. I also discuss some ways you could mitigate the vulnerability in the meantime.

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