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Introduction to object detection on Raspberry Pi

In the first episode of Machine Learning for Raspberry Pi, learn how to download a pre-trained TensorFlow Lite object detection model and deploy it to your Raspberry Pi. This model can be used to recognize general objects such as an apple, a television, or a car.

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Computer Vision TensorFlow

TensorFlow.js Object Detection Made Easy

Sascha Dittmann explains how to make Object Detection in TensorFlow.js Contents: 00:00 | Intro 00:55 | Preview what I will build 01:35 | Create a Custom Vision project 03:01 | Upload & tag the images 05:41 | Train the model 06:30 | Evaluate / test the model 07:42 | Export & download the model 09:10 […]

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How I Read AI Papers

Yannic Kilcher retraces his first reading of Facebook AI’s DETR paper and explain my process of understanding it. OUTLINE: 0:00 – Introduction 1:25 – Title 4:10 – Authors 5:55 – Affiliation 7:40 – Abstract 13:50 – Pictures 20:30 – Introduction 22:00 – Related Work 24:00 – Model 30:00 – Experiments 41:50 – Conclusions & Abstract […]

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Computer Vision Python

Learn OpenCV in 3 Hours with Python

Here’s a great tutorial on how OpenCV. Time Index: Introduction to Images: 2:17 Installations: 4:37 Chapter 1: 9:09 Chapter 2: 17:01 Chapter 3: 27:31 Chapter 4: 34:12 Chapter 5: 44:59 Chapter 6: 50:04 Chapter 7: 56:14 Chapter 8: 1:15:37 Chapter 9: 1:40:31 Project 1: 1:46:03 Project 2: 2:15:45 Project 3: 2:56:34

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Computer Vision TensorFlow

Object Detection and Tracking

Here’s an interesting computer vision project on GitHub. This doc focuses on the below example graph that performs object detection and tracking. Note that object detection is using TensorFlow Lite on GPU while tracking is using CPU. For overall context on object detection and tracking, please read this Google Developers Blog . Android […] Read […]

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AI Computer Vision

How Computers Learn to Recognize Objects

Ten years ago, researchers thought that getting a computer to tell the difference between a cat and a dog would be almost impossible. Today, computer vision systems do it with greater than 99 percent accuracy. How? Joseph Redmon works on the YOLO (You Only Look Once) system, an open-source method of object detection that can […]

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Computer Vision IoT Raspberry Pi TensorFlow

How to Set Up TensorFlow Object Detection on the Raspberry Pi

Here’s a great tutorial video on how to get a Raspberry Pi to run TensorFlow object detection. There is also a written version.

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