Reduce Traffic Noise with Helmholtz Resonators: Thesis Presentation on Bricks

Joe Makes I gave a talk on his Masters Thesis Project in Architecture focusing on Altering Soundscapes in Exterior Environments using Helmholtz Resonators in Ceramic Bricks to absorb Low Frequency Traffic Noise.

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Innovative Solar Power Generator – Portable & Quiet Energy

This video is from Exploring Alternatives. In this video we’re checking out a portable solar power generator prototype that has 3 kW of solar panels integrated into the walls of a covered trailer. Inside there’s a battery bank, a charge controller, and an inverter, as well as some electrical outlets to make charging easy. This […]

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NVIDIA RTX Voice Removes Background Noise with AI

ShortCircuit examines NVIDIA’s RTX Voice technology. Check out RTX Voice at

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Drones Maker

Active Noise Cancellation

Tech Ingredients demonstrates an active noise reduction technique. He reviews passive noise management and go on to demonstrate phase-related active noise reduction and goes on to demonstrate phase-related active noise reduction.

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