Linux Windows

Linux on Windows……Windows on Linux

Dive into the power of WSL 2 with this video is from NetworkChuck. Learn how to seamlessly run Linux on Windows, including Ubuntu and Kali Linux, with full GUI support and GPU access. This comprehensive guide covers everything from basic installation to advanced features like Docker integration, custom configurations, and backing up your WSL instances. […]

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Interesting Networking

How Optical Fiber Connected the World

This video from Asianometry explains how fiber optics changed our world.

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Try Statements in Python (Python Part 12)

This video is from Eli the Computer Guy.

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AI AWS Generative AI

How Integrating Foundation Models into Your Code with Amazon Bedrock

This video is from AWS Developers. Discover Amazon Bedrock and learn how to integrate generative AI models from leading AI startups and Amazon into your applications. In this video, AWS Senior Developer Advocate Mike Chambers steps through how to use Boto3, the Python SDK for AWS, to make text generations with models such as Anthropic […]

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Hardware Networking

The BEST Homelab Server for the Money – Dell PowerEdge R730

Computers and Coffey showcases his Dell R730 server that he uses in his homelab.

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Networking Security

Free NMAP Network Scanner Tutorial

This video is from Revolution InfoSec. A full length tutorial which you can use to comprehensively learn how to use NMAP, the open source network scanner. You’ll learn first the fundamentals of the networking you need to know in order for network scanning to make sense.

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Hardware Networking Privacy

How to Build Your Own Cloud

This video from NetworkChuck shows us how to deploy and run your own hyper-secure file sharing platform, by downloading FileCloud’s Community Edition. Visit and download FileCloud Community Edition as a self-hosted solution, on your Windows or Linux servers or preferred IaaS provider (AWS, Azure). (no code required) In this video, NetworkChuck will walk you through […]

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Data Hardware

Comparing CPU, GPU, and DPU: What’s the Difference?

NetworkChuck was able to try out VMware vSphere on NVIDIA Bluefield DPUs. In this video, we’ll explore the insane power of these technologies through a hands-on access demo on NVIDIA LaunchPad. Learn more here:

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