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Privacy Security

You NEED to learn about FIREWALLS!

Your firewalls are a crucial part of your privacy and security setup. You can think of them like a bouncer at a building, deciding who is allowed to enter and who is not. In this video Naomi shows you how to create a separate network for your insecure devices like IoT devices. She then shows […]

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The DARK side of VPNs

It turns out that an overwhelming number of VPNs are actively harvesting and selling your data, capturing passwords / credentials / movements from your web activities, and doing all sorts of awful things. VPNs can be super useful: to help you watch the Netflix catalogue of another country, avoid government surveillance and censorship under oppressive […]

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Networking Privacy Security

You won’t believe how UNSAFE your home router is!

Your router is the gateway between your devices and the internet at large. If it’s compromised, it’s like leaving the front door to your home network wide open, allowing malicious actors to enter. Unfortunately the routers most of us use are VERY insecure, with all kinds of known vulnerabilities. In this video Naomi Brockwell goes […]

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Is Linux Right For You?

After joining Red Hat, I decided to “give up Windows for Lent.” The experiment was a success in the sense that I feel confident about my ability to remain productive should my issues with Windows 11 be resolved. In the meantime, I have reverted my main work driver back to Windows. Like it or not, […]

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10 HACKING tools you MUST know about!

You already know not to take candy from strangers, but it may be time to add cables to the list of things not to accept from strangers. Naomi just got back from DefCon where I explored all kinds of hacking tools that are disguised as everyday items you might regularly use. The takeaways: Don’t borrow […]

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