Solar 10.7B Model: Revolutionizing AI with Depth Upscaling

This video is from Mervin Praison. 🚀 Welcome to an exciting journey through the world of Artificial Intelligence! In today’s video, we explore the groundbreaking Solar 10.7 billion parameter model. This model stands out with its innovative depth upscaling technique, setting new benchmarks in AI performance. 🌟 👨‍💻 We’ll take you step-by-step through setting up […]

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models

Step by Step Tutorial on Autogen: Ollama integration 🤯

This video is from Mervin Praison. Discover the incredible journey of integrating AMA with Autogen using Ollama! This video is your gateway to unleashing the power of large language open-source models. Dive into the core of Autogen and see how seamlessly it synergises with Ollama through a hands-on tutorial. 🛠️ Code – AutoGen Tutorials: […]

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AI Red Hat

Data science pipelines on OpenShift

Guillaume Moutier describes the new data science pipelines capability within Red Hat OpenShift Data Science that allows data scientists, data engineers and app developers to ingest data and clean it within the Jupyter environment, and then deploy as an OpenShift pipeline. Data practitioners can automate the full cycle within and intuitive drag-and-drop UI. Check out […]

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Maker Science

Great DIY Powerwall Project

Yesterday, the East Coast was hit hard by a tropical storm that left millions without power. That got me thinking (and searching) about off-grid alternatives, which led me to jehugarcia’s video on his home DIY Powerwall project.

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AI Big Data

How to Predict the Spread of Epidemics

Up and Atom talks about predicting and modeling the spread of epidemics like the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we are experiencing now.

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