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Mistral Raising at $5B Just 4 Months After Raising at $2B

Mistral, renowned for its open-source LLM contributions, is set to raise funds at a $5 billion valuation, a substantial increase from the $2 billion valuation just four months ago. This rapid valuation growth follows Mistral’s strategic partnership with Microsoft, leveraging non-open-source models through Azure to hint at substantial revenue paths. The company also recently released […]

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How Did Open Source Catch Up To OpenAI? [Mixtral-8x7B]

This video is from bycloud explains why, but I’d say it’s simply because open source is awesome. What is Mixtral8-7B? The secret Mixture of Experts (MoE) technique that has beaten OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 which was published around a year ago? In this video, you will learn what is Mixtral8x7B and how Mixture of Experts work which […]

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How to Summarize Legal Docs like a Pro with Mixtra’s RAG Pipeline

This video from Mervin Praison shows that the legal profession will never be the same Post-AI. Welcome to an innovative journey in the legal tech world! In today’s video, I’m thrilled to show you how to create a chatbot that can summarize and query legal documents. This is a game-changer for lawyers and legal professionals, […]

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Mistral Finetuning on Custom Data: Learn in 7 Mins!

This video is from Mervin Praison. In this tutorial, we dive deep into the world of AI model training with Ludwig, focusing on fine-tuning a large language model, Mistral, using the Alpaka dataset. This video is a comprehensive guide to using Ludwig, a low-code, scalable, and efficient framework for building custom AI modules. We’ll explore […]

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Major GPT 4.5 Possible Leak, Midjourney V6, Opensource LLMs BEAT Open AI

You step away from the computer/phone/matrix for a little bit and then some big AI news hits. This video from MattVidPro AI catches you up. In this video, we dive into the latest AI updates, focusing on a potential leak about OpenAI’s GPT 4.5, its features, and pricing. We also explore Google’s AI advancements in […]

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