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Envisioning the Future of Computing Prize 2024: Sadie Zacharek

This video is from MIT Schwarzman College of Computing. Sadie Zacharek, a PhD candidate in the MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, presents her idea for a predictive model for mental health precision medicine. For some baffling reason, MIT has turned off playing videos on websites other than YouTube. Despite this, I think the […]

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Democratizing Healthcare With AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help us do stuff like finding a specific photo in our photos app, or translating signs into another language. What if we applied the same technology to really big problems in areas like healthcare? Google’s Dr. Lily Peng describes her journey from medicine to technology and outlines the potential of AI […]

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How do Viruses Jump from Animals to Humans?

TED-Ed explains the science of how viruses can jump from one species to another and the deadly epidemics that can result from these pathogens. Here’s a story that happened right here in Maryland. At a Maryland country fair in 2017, farmers reported feverish hogs with inflamed eyes and running snouts. While farmers worried about the […]

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