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FarmBot: Fully Automate Your Garden

If you thought the previous post on adding an Arduino and sensors to your garden was overkill, then you haven’t yet met FarmBot.  FarmBot is an open source hardware and software solution to fully automate your garden. The data scientist in me wants to get my hands on all that...

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Arduino Garden Controller

Technically speaking, today marks the first day of Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least).  And with Spring comes time to start gardening. As a geek, I want to try sprinkling some IoT magic to help me grow out a garden.  Here’s an interesting video from someone who’s done just...

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From the Maker Movement to a New Industrial Revolution

In this video, Chris Anderson explains how the Maker Movement is now scaling up to create a new class of manufacturing entrepreneurship that will create a “Long Tail of Stuff.” He shares his own experience going from a Maker hobbyist to the CEO of 3D Robotics, which has in three...

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Top 10 Arduino Projects

Here’s a video list of top 10 Arduino projects, including making your own Arduino out of components.  How meta!

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How to Use a Multimeter

Here’s a great introduction video on how to use a multimeter, something that you’ll need to know as you get into building ioT projects.

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This Might Be the Best Living Room Ever

It has no sofa, but Naomi Wu may have the best living room in the world, if you’re a Maker! I seriously doubt that I could get away with one 3D printer in the living room, let alone multiple 3D printers.

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Shenzhen Maker Faire 2016 Videos

After watching the Wired UK documentary series on Shenzhen (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4), I decided to look up videos on YouTube about the city’s first Maker Faire. I was not disappointed. From this 360 video, To this American kid’s walkthough of the fair....