Unhinged ransomware attack targets hospitals

This video is from Fireship. A ransomware attack recently targeted hospitals in London. Let’s take a look at the impact of this cyberattack and the potential hackers involved.

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Reduce Traffic Noise with Helmholtz Resonators: Thesis Presentation on Bricks

Joe Makes I gave a talk on his Masters Thesis Project in Architecture focusing on Altering Soundscapes in Exterior Environments using Helmholtz Resonators in Ceramic Bricks to absorb Low Frequency Traffic Noise.

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Data Driven

*DataPoint* Andy Back at Heathrow After SQLBits

In this Data Point, Andy records a quick data point from a much quieter place than the last time he was at Heathrow Airport.

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Philosophy Fridays

The Philsophy of Baruch Spinoza

Today is Friday and that means it’s time for a little philosophy. This week it’s Baruch Spinoza. Spinoza tried to replace the bible with a scientifically-based ethical system. He succeeded in theory – but not in practice.

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IBM: Thriving In The Age of the Unexpected with AI

IBM’s Global Chief AI Officer Seth Dobrin headlines the AI Summit London 2022 with his keynote ‘Thriving In The Age of the Unexpected with AI’

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How Tom Scott Held Up Miles of London Traffic at Tower Bridge

Most folks think of Tower Bridge as a tourist attraction these days: but first and foremost, it’s a working drawbridge bridge on a major river. River traffic has right of way.

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Quantum Computing

Impacts of Quantum Computing on Insurance

Quantum London has partnered with the Lloyd’s Lab from Lloyd’s of London and put together a great event looking at how will quantum computing impact the insurance industry. In this short video, Anahita Zardoshti presents her “Impacts of #Quantum #Computing on Insurance” report, providing a concise but complete overview of Quantum Computing and the impacts […]

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Coronavirus: Keep calm and know the data

Coronavirus was declared a pandemic on Wednesday due to its widespread transmission across the world. But in terms of severity, it remains relatively low, with certain demographics more vulnerable than others. Evening Standard shows us five categories of data to shed some perspective on the scale of the crisis.

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The Tech Taking On Rogue Drones

BBC Click take look at the latest anti-drone tech, Google’s move into online gaming, and making coding accessible for children with vision impairment. Definitely worth a watch.

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Using Python in Weather Forecasting

Stephan Siemen shows you how to make your own weather forecasts in Python.

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