Linus Tech Tips


Linus Tech Tips YouTube Channel HACKED | BREAKING NEWS

In this video, CyberNews reports on the Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel being hacked.

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What If You Turn Off Your PC During An Update?

Linus explains what happens if your PC turns off while it’s updating Windows.

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Unboxing 3 PETABYTES of storage

Linus Tech Tips shares his his latest LAN storage project: 3 Pb of storage. I really need to up my home network game while in quarantine.

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Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing as Fast As Possible

In this Techquickie from 2015, Linus from Linus Tech Tips explains the core concepts behind the technology that will change the world. He’s also the guy who “unboxed” a quantum computer. If this video doesn’t do it for you, then check out the explainer video from KurzGesagt.

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