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A Third AI Superpower

About a year ago, I read AI Superpowers by Kai-Fu Lee which details the struggle between the US and China for AI supremacy in the 21st century, That got me thinking about a map I once made for the School of AI. The US vs China debate leaves out one key player: India.

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Data Visualization

Ravit Jain Interviews Kate Strachnyi Live

Here’s a great live interview with Kate Strachnyi!

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High Impact Tuesdays Livestream

Here’s a new segment I am trying out on LinkedIn Live.

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Livestream Quantum Computing

How Quantum Computers Are Like a Magic 8 Ball, Omni Magazine, and Mr. Rogers on Channel 13.

In this livestream, I use a Magic 8 Ball to explain super position and get nostalgic for Omni Magazine.

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Gadgets Livestream Science

Jiusion USB Microscope Unboxing

Recently, I picked up a USB microscope for the kids and to help with reading PCBs. Here’s an unboxing video that shows off what comes in the package.

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Career Data Driven Livestream

Careers in Data Predictions, Transforming Organizational Culture, and DIY Solar Power

In this livestream, Andy and I talk about why Data Engineering may be the next hot career, how Microsoft’s culture has changed, and Frank’s solar power experiments.

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Data Driven Livestream Robotics

Data Driven Live: Robots, Data, and Retail

Andy Leonard and I recorded our second Data Driven show live on Linked In. This time, we talked about the “three Rs of the 2020s,” Robots, Retail, and Reskilling. Watch below or listen to the show on the Data Driven website.

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Data Driven Livestream Podcasts

Summer Reading List Suggestions LinkedIn Livestream

Data and AI Book Recommendations Plus Live Q&A from yesterday in case you missed it!

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Livestream: LinkedIn’s Social Selling Idex (SSI)

In this livestream, I explain LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index or SSI.

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Data Science

Talking Data Science with Sarah Dutkiewicz

In this LinkedIn Live session, I talk with Sarah Dutkiewicz about data science career paths, Jupyter, and two engineer families.

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